Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Youth Faith Formation


For the Fall Faith Formation program, we will have only in person classes for the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation 1 and 2 (2nd, 7th, and 8th). All other classes will be given a packet with cirriculum outcomes listed for that grade along with a book and suggestions on where to find the answers to the outcomes listed. The first meeting of the year will be Sunday, Sept. 13th.  At that time, we will have a parent meeting at 9:45 as well as 12pm.  Parents can pick up their books and information on that day. 

Those who will be in attendance for the "in person" classes may enter from upstairs (7th and 8th grade may enter from downstairs doors) for temperature checks.  Masks will be worn by all students and teachers. The classes will be spread out with a maximum number in each room to allow for social distancing. There will be teachers in each room for the sacrament classes.  We ask that the parents remain outside or upstairs. The First Communion children will be brought to the parents in the narthex to sign them out. The older children can be released on their own. Classes will be shortened this year to 45 minutes.

The rooms will receive professional cleaning.

Every student receiving instruction at home will have a teacher assigned as well as Dc. Moore and Fr. Jerry to contact for information or questions throughout the year. We will revisit this teaching arrangement at the end of the Fall semester in order to see how to proceed.

This year, while the students are in a shortened form of education we invite all parents to the sanctuary for a 30-minute presentation of the RCIA topic to be taught that week. There will be a presentation each Sunday that Faith Formation classes meet unless noted.  This will only be offered between the 8:30 and 11:00 Masses, or approx. 10:00 – 10:30

We cannot dismiss our little ones during Mass and will not be utilizing the Seeds program at least until Christmas. 

Director of Religious Education:  Gina Taddeo
[email protected]

Confirmation Coordinator: Nancy Martinez
[email protected]


Kindergarten, God Asks us to Care

Membership in God’s Family by birth
Membership in God’s Church by Baptism
Respect and love for persons, home, community, world
Care for creation
Understand feelings and senses and how they affect others
Resolve conflicts peacefully and asks forgiveness
Recognizes the need for giving thanks for God’s gifts.

Scripture:  Creation of the World.  Nativity of Christ. Two Great Commandments

Sacrament:  Baptism (Not in depth, just a knowledge of)

INTERGRATION:  SERVICE, PRAYER (PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY) Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Grace Before Meals, Guardian Angel Prayer

Saints:  St. Joseph, Mary, Angel Gabriel


Grade 1 Meeting Jesus and His Father

God loves everyone; everyone is special
God creates everything
Jesus is God’s Greatest Gift
We belong to Jesus’ family, the Church
We celebrate the Church year (Liturgical Seasons……introduction, not in depth)
Sunday obligation
Understands Sacraments as a visible sign of grace given to us by God.

Scripture:  Baptism of Christ, Resurrection Story (Easter)

Sacrament: Baptism

INTERGRATION; SERVICE, PRAYER (PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY) Add Hail Mary to prayers of Kindergarten (Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Grace Before Meals, Guardian Angel Prayer)

Saints: Sts. Joachim and Ann


Grade 2   Meeting Jesus in Reconciliation and Eucharist

Baptism is a call to follow Jesus
What is sin; Mortal and Venial
What is Reconciliation, Confession, Contrition, Penance and Absolution; why is it necessary?  (Mortal Sins and why is it advantages if you go without serious sin)
How to celebrate Reconciliation
The presence of Jesus in the Community
What does Eucharist mean
What is the Eucharist, Bread and Wine: Body and Blood
How to receive the Eucharist worthily
Introduction to the Mass (general) and Reverence at Mass (participation and manners)

Scripture:  The Passion, Institution of the Sacrament of Confession and Eucharist (Last Supper)

Sacraments: Reconciliation and Eucharist

INTEGRATION: Prayer (personal and communal) Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Act of Contrition, Creed 10 commandments, retreats.

Saints: Patron Saints of Individuals


Grade 3 Believing in Jesus and Our Church Community

Jesus calls us to Believe
Jesus calls us to Serve
Jesus shares His Spirit with us:  Initial Trinitarian presentation
Liturgical Seasons of the Church (in Depth)
Sunday obligation, Holy Days of Obligation
Paschal Mystery

Sacrament:  Anointing of the Sick (the Sacraments of Healing)

Scripture:  Exodus, Pentecost


Saints:  Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mary), St. Juan Diego,


Grade 4 Living as Jesus’ Followers

10 Commandments in depth
2 Great Commandments
Living as Christ wants us to live

Sacrament:  Review Baptism, Confession, Anointing of the Sick and Eucharist.

Scripture: Giving of the 10 Commandments, 2 Great Commandments. Letter of Saint James regarding Anointing of the Sick


Saints:  Apostles


Grade 5 Celebrating Jesus’ Presence

Sacraments: Outward sign of Christ working on the inside
Sacraments: Sacraments of Initiation; Review Sacraments of Healing,
Catholicism (meaning and living as a Catholic in the world)

Scripture:  Baptism of Jesus, Jesus confers the Sacrament of Confession on the Apostles, Letter of James (anointing of the sick along with confession of sins) Old Testament: Isaiah, Prophet

INTERGRATION; Prayer, personal and communal, Methods of prayer, Lectio Divina, spontaneous prayer, Service, Retreats, Rosary, Martyrs,

Saints:  St. Jude, St. Rita of Cascia, St. John Bosco, Immaculate Conception (Mary)


Grade Six Discovering the Story of God’s People

The Bible, how to use, what it is, where it comes from, Protestant vs. Catholic Bible,
Jesus’ relationship with Israel
Meaning of the word Israel
Personal Responsibility of individual faith
Presenting the Faith to others in word and action
Jesus Announces the Kingdom of God
Ancestors in Faith
Spiritual Communion

Scripture:  Genesis from Abraham through the Patriarchs, (Jacob, Isaac, Esau, Ishmael, Sons of Jacob, Joseph, Egyptian enslavement, Exodus, Promised Land. Judges, Kings, Divided Kingdom,

INTERGRATION: Spirituality Developed (Benedictine, Franciscan, types of spirituality) Prayer (personal and communal), Service, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Retreats

Saints: St. Dismas, St. Cecilia, St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Faustyna


Grade Seven Encountering Jesus and the Gospels

What is my purpose:  I am a child of God to know, love and serve God in this world, so as to be happy with him in the next.
Who Is Jesus?
Gospel meaning
Mass, Celebration of the Christian Mystery, Prayers of the Mass
Liturgy meaning; Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist
Sacraments of Service
Sacraments:  Holy Orders, Matrimony
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Act of Faith, Act of Hope, Act of Love (not necessarily form prayers, but just to know how to make these acts…. EX: Faith: Jesus, I believe.  Hope:  Jesus I hope in you; I place my hope in you; Love: Jesus I love you.

Scripture:  The Gospels, Acts of the Apostles

Integration: Spirituality (development) prayer, personal and communal, help prepare liturgies and retreats, written expression of faith, expression of faith in word and actions, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, service.

Saints:  St. Charles Borromeo, St. Sabastian, St. Francis, St. Clare


Grade Eight Belonging to our Church Community

We are the Church
What it means to become an active Catholic
Becoming a Catholic from another Faith Tradition (RCIA)
The Church of Jesus Christ; Mystical Body of Christ
Heritage, Tradition and History of the Church
God’s Covenant: A way to life and love
The Mass in depth
Other liturgies of the Church
How the work of Christ saves us, redemption, justification, salvation.

Definitions:  Christology, Theology, Vatican, Curia, diocese, Bishop, Salvation, Grace (spiritual and actual) Canon Law, Eschatology, Patristics, Revelation

Sacraments: Review all Seven, 

Scripture:  Letters of Paul, John, James, Peter, etc…. Book of Revelation

Integration:  Prayer, personal and communal, service, retreat, witnessing to the Faith, apologetics Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Gifts of the Spirit, Fruits of the Holy Spirit (not to name, but to know about).

Saints: In depth study in to Confirmation Saint.