Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

FF Grade 8

Grade 8  Belonging to our Church Community 

  • We are the Church
  • What it means to become an active Catholic
  • Becoming a Catholic from another Faith Tradition (RCIA)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ; Mystical Body of Christ
  • Heritage, Tradition and History of the Church
  • God’s Covenant: A way to life and love
  • The Mass in depth
  • Other liturgies of the Church
  • Heaven
  • Vocation
  • How the work of Christ saves us, redemption, justification, salvation.

Definitions:  Christology, Theology, Vatican, Curia, diocese, Bishop, Salvation, Grace (spiritual and actual) Canon Law, Eschatology, Patristics, Revelation

Sacraments: Review all Seven, 

Scripture:  Letters of Paul, John, James, Peter, etc…. Book of Revelation

Integration:  Prayer, personal and communal, service, retreat, witnessing to the Faith, apologetics Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Gifts of the Spirit, Fruits of the Holy Spirit (not to name, but to know about).

Saints: In depth study in to Confirmation Saint