Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Contacts for Faith Formation

Director of Religious Education - Gina Taddeo
[email protected]

Confirmation Coordinator - Nancy Martinez
[email protected]

RCIA - Deacon Tim Conley
[email protected]

The Diocese of Nashville requires all parishes to have their Safe Environment training which also includes a background check. Everyone has to do it again by going online and creating an account.
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Please email [email protected] to contact teachers.


Faith Formation Teacher List 2020/2021 

Kindergarten Katie Hundley  

[email protected]

1st Grade Amy Freitas  

[email protected]

2nd Grade AM, Class 1

2nd Grade AM, Class 2

2nd Grade PM                                 


Nancy Murphy

Ashley Tucker

Assistant Roxanne Hovde

Assistant Ellie Strasser

Assistant Carolina Sanchez

[email protected]

3rd Grade AM              

3rd Grade PM            

Blossom Patmor

Jennifer Wildman

  [email protected]
4th Grade                     Nicole Iannuccilli   [email protected]
5th Grade                    Keith and Carolyn Kirchner   [email protected]
6th Grade                   Liz Gatterer   [email protected]

7th Grade AM, Class 1             

7th Grade AM, Class 2             

7th Grade PM                            

Jennifer Mackie        

Candy DeJohn

Lisa Martin               

Assistant Leslie Harms


Assistant Danielle Holguin

[email protected]

8th Grade AM, Class 1             

8th Grade AM, Class 2             

8th Grade PM                            

Nancy and Tony Martinez 

Mike Leak           

Magaloy Munoz                  


Assistant Veronica Penland

Assistant Neddy Castillo

[email protected]