Church of the Nativity

New Extended Mass Times:

Saturday 9:00 am and 5:00 pm
Sunday  8:00 am,  9:30 am,  11:00 am,  
                  1:00 pm Spanish,  5:00 pm
For Weekend Masses we encourage 65+ and small children to NOT attend.

Monday 9:00 am  Communion Service

Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am
Tuesday and Thursday morning reserved for 65+

Wednesday 6:00 pm  Family Mass 
                          5:00 pm Adoration

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday at 3:30 for other times call Father Jerry at 615-794-4004 ext 4.

How to pray the Rosary

Rosary for Children

Joan Watson, Faith Formation Director for the Diocese has two very good studies to follow:  Quarantined with St. Peter and Quarantined with St. John. 
They can be found on Facebook and reviewed at any time.  Excellent resources for spiritual and theological growth. 



Our hearts and hands Ministry would like to pair those who are needing help with those who would like to help. Please contact Dianne Witt at [email protected]