Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Church of the Nativity

Regular Mass Times:

Saturday 5:00 pm
Sunday  8:30 am, 
11:00 am,  1:00 pm Spanish,  5:00 pm

Monday        9:00 am Daily Mass
Tuesday        9:00 am Communion Service
Wednesday  9:00 am Daily Mass
                          5:00 pm Adoration
                          6:00 pm  Family Mass
9:00 am Daily Mass
9:00 am Daily Mass
      9:00 am Daily Mass  

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday at 3:30. For other times, call Father Jerry at 615-794-4004 ext 4.

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Due to many variables, Nativity will no longer be streaming Mass to the community.  The dispensation to not attend Sunday Mass is over and we encourage everyone to come to Mass in person.  

If you are unable to attend for some reason, the Cathedral streams Mass everyday as well as the two Masses on EWTN through the week and Mass on Sunday.