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Retreat for Confirmation will be held May 1st from 12-5.
Confirmation will be held on May 23rd at 3:30 pm at the Catholic Pastoral Center


Because of the special nature of the occasion, and the spirituality of the place, dress for Confirmation should reflect the importance of the moment.

For Girls:  Dresses should cover the shoulder and come down to a respectable length near the knee in white or pastel color (modest, simple clothing with no large jewelry), dress shoes (no flip flops or tennis shoes)

For Boys: Collared Long Sleeve Shirt (white or pastel in color) with appropriate tie, khaki or dress slacks, dress shoes (no tennis/athletic shoes, suit coat is optional

Retreat for First Communion will be held May 1st from 9-11.
First Communion will be held May 8th and 15th at 2:00 pm


The attire should not distract from the focus of receiving the Sacrament. Please use the following guidelines when choosing your child’s attire.


Shirt: White only, full button dress shirt, long or short sleeves. No polo style shirts please. 

Pants: Khaki, navy or black dress pants with appropriate belt. No Shorts.

Tie: Required and suitable for the occasion. Solid, stripe or other subtle print please. 

Shoes: Dark colored dress shoes with dark socks. No athletic shoes or boots. 

Dress jackets are welcome but optional.  White suits are optional.


Dresses: White, below the knee in length. Be cautious of full length please (the girls must be able to sit, stand and kneel without interference from their clothing). We encourage the shoulders to be covered, but sleeveless is ok. No spaghetti straps. No low cut or short mini dresses.

Shoes and socks: White, low-heeled dress shoes. No high heels. Open toe shoes are fine. No flip flops or sneakers. White ankle socks or tights are ok.

Optional Items  

Veil: Shoulder length sheer white with simple headpiece is optional. Avoid large tiaras or bridal headpieces. 

Gloves: White gloves are optional, but must be removed before entering the Communion line. 

These requirements are not intended to offend, but are necessary to prevent excesses and insure all are appropriate for this special occasion.  Do not give your child items to carry during Mass. They must be able to walk with their hands reverently folded prepared for prayer. If you have any questions about the attire guidelines, please email [email protected]


2020-2021 Faith Formation
Faith formation is catechesis (teaching the faith) which aims deepen people’s contact with Jesus Christ via educational and enrichment opportunities. Designed to touch the intellect as well as the heart, these programs help people live and experience a more Christ-centered life. In order to walk this path authentically and properly, it is necessary to understand how to relate to God. We need to know not only how to live but what it means to live the fullest gift of life God has granted to us.
At the Church of Nativity, we offer faith formation for young children (PreK-K), school-age children (1st-8th), teens, and adults. The purpose of faith formation is to give direction to our life. In doing so we are better able to share with others, to evangelize, and understand our Catholic Faith.

Director of Religious Education - Gina Taddeo
[email protected] 

The Diocese of Nashville requires all parishes to have their Safe Environment training which also includes a background check. Everyone has to do it again by going online and creating an account.
To get started go to

Calendar for 2020-21 


*Before registering for Faith Formation, please make sure you are registered with the church.

Download and print this form or they are available in the office.     
Nativity Registration English      Nativity Registro Español

Registration  for Faith Formation can happen 3 ways. 

1. Pick up a printed form at the top of the stairs and return to the folder marked completed forms by the calendar/bulletin board at the top of the stairs.

2. Print out a copy here and return to the folder marked completed forms by the calendar/bulletin board at the top of the stairs.

3. Fill out the electronic form here and you are good to go.

Catholic Church of the Nativity Faith Formation Registration 2021-22

You must be registered with the parish to be eligible for Faith Formation classes.




Class Times

Classes are limited in size, so this is a request, not a guarantee.

Important Information

Medical Release

I, who may do so by law, authorize the administration of emergency medical treatment for the subject of this release form. I understand I will be notified immediately. If I cannot be reached, I consent to the action of the attending physician or dentist. I hereby release Catholic Church of the Nativity and its agents from liability for the action taken pursuant to this release.

Photography/Video Release

You will be contacted by August 1st with your student's class information. If you have any questions before then please contact [email protected]


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