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Sunday Obligation


As per Bishop Spalding, the return to Sunday obligation begins next week (March 28, 2021). All Catholics are required to attend Mass on Palm Sunday and Sundays following. We will continue wearing masks at all Masses for the time being but will revisit this requirement over the next month in communication with health officials. Our small groups are no longer required to wear masks and as of April 1, we will return to allowing food into the community rather than pre-wrapped food and take away meals. As in the case of Canon law, whenever you feel too sick to come to Mass, you are always excused from the obligation. Additionally, if you are still concerned for personal reasons of the virus to protect yourself or those near you who may be susceptible to illness, you too are excused. We urge these individuals to use their conscience and perhaps attend a Mass of smaller attendance such as our Sunday evening Mass or any of the daily Masses we celebrate. We will still continue to live stream Mass on Sunday at 8:30am.