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Staff Member: Mario Guzman

Staff Member: Mario Guzman

Mario Guzman

Latino Pastoral Associate
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A law student at 21 years old, was requested by my Mother to emigrate to this beautiful and kind country. Originally from El Salvador, married, Father of 3 children, grandfather of 2, passionate about Jesus and in love with Mary Most Holy; worshipper of the Father and witness of the power of the Holy Spirit. In my years, I have understood that everyone in life has a purpose and a mission of existence in this world. Although we are not of this world, we live in it to help our brothers and sisters so that they have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, our Lord, to reach eternal life.

God's timing is perfect since at the age of 16, motivated by a spiritual retreat, I had the initiative to enter the seminary, and persuaded by my brother, I gave up deciding to be a priest because it was an exceedingly great responsibility for me, but the flame of love for God has always been in my heart; Due to an autoimmune disease caused by a tumor in my chest, and after having overcome death on several occasions, I knew that my call was service to my brothers in need, as a small thanks to how much I received. I studied for a master's degree in theology. I was ordained Permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Nashville by Rev. Bishop Mark Spalding on August 5, 2023, in the Nashville Cathedral of the Incarnation.

I ask God, Almighty Creator of all things, to put me where there is a need so that I can collaborate in establishing the kingdom of God here on earth.

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