Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Small Groups

Nativity has a vibrant community that is growing and parishoners are sharing their interests in small groups



55+ Fellowship

Spend the afternoon with Nativity’s 55+ Fellowship. Meet your friends for fun, refreshments, games and afternoons out! 
We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month in the narthex at 1 pm.  If you care to bring an appetizer or a dessert to share, that would be appreciated. Please join us and bring a friend!

Our dues are $20 per person for the entire year.

Janice Russell (615) 974-0023


Book Club

The Book Club's mission is to provide fellowship through conversation and discussion of a literary work, and to explore it's relevance in the message it is meant to convey. To provide an opportunity for socialization and the exchange of both shared and unique views and experiences.
Book club will meet once a month at 12:30pm and 6:30pm.  

For more information please contact:

Daytime book club -  Dave Roe at 941-587-6590 or easygo67@yahoo.com  

Evening book club -  Contact Cristina Ramirez cristinaramirez@charter.net 
Evening Book Club

Meal Train!

We have a couple of small groups that hear of people who may need meals for a short time, or even longer.  Perhaps they are recovering from surgery, cancer  treatments or short term illness. To be more effective, we want to consolidate this ministry and open it up to the entire community. Nativity has an excellent group of individuals who help with meals for funerals, but we want to always do more. If you’re one of those people who want to help, but just don’t know what to do, then sign up to help with this. It’s an easy way to help in a big way. For more information, contact Ms. Geri Waskiewicz 615-969-0319. 

The Meal Train is up and running! If you are needing meals, please contact Ms. Geri Waskiewicz 615-969-0319. If you are wanting to help, please look for signups periodically published for those in need. 




is a Fellowship of Catholic men proud to be Men of Faith. Unfortunately, some Catholic men, see Christianity and going to Mass and saying the Rosary as sissy stuff, or say “I just don’t have the time.” Our goal is to Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples for Christ and grow Spiritually as Brothers in Christ! 

Typically, we meet once a week for an hour on Thursday mornings with a study leader for each session. Generally, most of us meet for the 9:00 Mass and have enough time to make a visit to the Rosary Walk for individual Prayer before our 9:45am meeting time. Our topics are generally issues of the day important to the Catholic Men of 2022 that enhance his Spiritual Life, Family Life and his Life Skills as Husband, Father and Grandfather. We hold each other accountable in our goal for Eternal Salvation for ourselves and all our loved ones. If you have questions at all about our group, please call Tom Vogel at 404 403-0935 or email thomas.vogel0705@gmail.com.


COTN Moms Group

The mission of the Nativity Mom's group is to provide friendship, fellowship and support to mothers of children of all ages in our vocations as wives, mothers, and sisters in Christ. We want to provide opportunities to grow spiritually in our Catholic faith so in turn we can strengthen our Domestic Churches at home!  We invite you to come as you are!

 Contact: momsgroup@nativitycatholic.net

Facebook/GroupMe app: Catholic Church of the Nativity Mom’s Group


Phoenix Group
For survivors of all sorts & people who have faced huge challenges

If you have experienced events in your life that have shaken your ground: serious illness, loss, divorce or whatever is for you that has made you see life differently or perhaps it is still holding you hostage. We are so grateful you’ve survived and would love to hear your story, what you learned from it and maybe share and inspire others. JOIN US! We will assist you to reclaim your life, bring passion, joy and happiness back, so that you can add more life to your years and live the life you deserve and  God’s intended for you. 

Thursday Evenings at 6:30

Please contact
Sheyla Zito (407)732-8584

Photography Club

The photography club is for parishioners who have an interest in gathering for friendship, fellowship, and learning the art of photography. We are also the event photographers for the church and its many ministries. Most importantly, we evangelize our Catholic faith to a wider community through field trips and participation in local events.

Meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the church at 9:30 AM. We may schedule an outing / field trip at a different time in addition to, or in lieu of a monthly meeting.

For more information about the club, contact:
Liz Hancock (931) 505-9612


Rosary Group

Tom Vogel (404)403-0935


Serra Club is an international organization of Catholic lay men and women who vigorously respond to the call to promote and support vocations to the ministerial priesthood and consecrated life in the Catholic Church.  The Serra Club of Williamson County was chartered in November 2004 and has grown to over 110 members.  For more information on how you can join fellow Serrans in their work to ensure the future of our church by fostering and promoting vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, please contact Janet Wilgenbusch at 615-496-6443 or jawilgenbusch@gmail.com.