Small Groups

Nativity has a vibrant community that is growing and parishoners are sharing their interests in small groups.

Book Club

We haven't had our first book club meeting yet. Our first one will be on Thursday, September 26th at 6:30pm downstairs in the teen room to discuss how we'd like to proceed with the club. We'll most likely meet once a month on a Thursday evening to discuss whatever book we're currently reading. I could have more information for you after our first meeting once I get everyone's input.

Contact Cristina Ramirez [email protected]


Tom Vogel (404)403-0935
[email protected]

Nativity HomeschoolEducation Coop (NHEC)

Heather Leak
[email protected]


We meet at various locations decided upon by the membership  at least once a month on a Saturday. We discuss how to take photos with digital cameras and take photos at locations of interest per the members. We do this as a social gathering as we are not professional photographers.
Anyone who wishes to learn techniques or simply to use a digital camera are welcome.
Contact Lisa Tramuta
[email protected]

Prayer Shawl Ministry

We are a group of people who get together for knitting ,crocheting and fellowship.  We are making Baptismal blankets, prayer shawls and prayer cloths for anyone who needs that something special along with a prayer.  If you are an expert or would like to learn just check us out.  We meet in room 105 every other Thurs at 9:30 am If you have questions or need a prayer shawl for someone special just call Beth Pender at 931-388-7444

Rosary Group

Tom Vogel (404)403-0935
[email protected]

Senior Friends


We have made covers for the statues in the church and purple swags to be used during Lent. We’ve done some alterations on altar cloths and repairs on the seminarian’s clothes.  

Father Jerry would like us to make banners for the sides of the altar for the liturgical seasons.

Currently we only have 4 members in our group and none of us have the skills and machines to do this type of work. 

I suggested to our group that we could make walker or wheelchair caddies or adult bibs for a local nursing home or our Homebound parishioners. One lady and myself are interested in this. One of our neighbors volunteers at the memory care unit in Spring Hill. They would love caddies and/or adult bibs. 

We have been meeting every other week in the morning. We are flexible with days and times. 

Margie Boudier (615)302-3976     
[email protected]

Supper Club

The Supper Club is a group of parishioners who go out to dinner at a restaurant once a month.  To join us, you just send me an email (this way I have the person's email address) or phone me or come talk with me at church.  I send out an email to each person or couple every month, a few weeks in advance, telling them the name, address and telephone number of the restaurant and the time we will meet there. We welcome suggestions for restaurants and would love a confirmation email so we can make reservations.
Alice Donarski 
[email protected]