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Photography Club

Photography Club

Our Mission Statement

Provide opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and learning to parishioners who have an interest in the art of photography.  Be a resource as event photographers for the church and its ministries under the direction of the COTN official event photographer.  Through field trips and participation in local events, evangelize our Catholic faith to the wider community.


Photography club meetings are the 3rd Saturday of each month at the church at 9:30 AM.  We may schedule an outing / field trip at a different time, in addition to or lieu of a monthly meeting.


For more information about the club, contact:
Raymond LaCroix
(615) 626-1249
[email protected] or [email protected]

2021 Parish Photography Contest Winners

In cooperation with the Nativity Knights of Columbus, we are sponsoring a photography contest.  The contest is open to all parishioners.  There are two categories / subjects:

  1. The Sycamore/ Bloodgood London Planetree that is about 40’ in front of the Rosary walk
  2. The Rosary walk

1st Place Rosary Walk

Carolyn Dunlap

2nd (tie) Place Rosary Walk Danni Surre
2nd (tie) Place Rosary Walk Dan Wood
3rd Place Rosary Walk Elizabeth Vernon
1st Place Sycamore Tree Dan Wood
2nd Place Sycamore Tree Laura Panfil
3rd Place Sycamore Tree Ann Caste




Contest Rules

  1. The contest is open to all COTN Parishioners.
  2. There are two categories. A photographer may enter up to three photographs for each category:
    1. The Sycamore/ Bloodgood London Planetree
    2. The Rosary Walk
  3. There is no cost to enter.
  4. Please include the name of each recognizable person in your photograph. It is the photographer’s responsibility to have the subject’s permission to enter his or her image into the contest. You must include the subject’s name and contact information with your submission.
  5. Extensive digital manipulation of photographs is prohibited. The use of photo-editing software should be limited. Cropping, adjusting exposure, color balance, contrast and sharpness is allowed, but highly manipulating colors and content of images is not.
  6. Any camera may be used – film or digital. Photos may be color or black and white.  Photos taken with film should be scanned to create an electronic copy.
  7. Email entries to [email protected]. Photos must be in .JPEG or .JPG format.  Email entries must include the photographer’s name, phone number and email address.
  8. Entrants can provide a unique title and/or description for each photo entered, but this is not a requirement.
  9. By entering the Contest, entrants represent that they are the owners of the photo submitted and agree to have COTN display, post, and publish the photographs submitted as explained below.
  10. Entries must be received before midnight on November 8, 2021.