Nursery at Nativity

The Nativity Nursery is now open for the 8:30 & 11:00 a.m. Masses.

Registration is open after both morning Masses and during the children's faith formation classes.

 If you have a child six or under that will be attending please pick up one of the blue registration forms  in the Narthex, outside of the Nursery or download it here

Please make every effort to turn your registration form in before your child's first day with us. This will be extremely helpful in creating a safe and happy environment for our blessed little ones.  If you are looking for ways to contribute we will have that information available as well.  The Nursery is located downstairs and is the door on the right when you come out of the stairwell.

Please return all registration forms to Suzanne Comfort via email at [email protected] or by dropping the form in the drop box outside of the nursery.  

Contact: Suzanne Comfort at 757-362-6043 or  [email protected]