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Elizabeth Ministry


 “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!” 

The Elizabeth Ministry is Roman Catholic founded international women’s movement to support one of life’s most intimate experiences through mentorship, education, support, healing and prayer.

The goal of this ministry is to defend dignity, protect purity, respect all life, cherish children, encourage families and build community.

The structure of this ministry for Church of the Nativity is founded on being a resource for women, children and families.  Future growth could expand to the greater community as needed. Initially, a call to volunteers would invite women of the parish to join the ministry to support and share applicable experiences with an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy and postpartum as is necessary.  As an example, this would include a meet and greet visit upon notification/request from the mother by an Elizabeth Ministry mentor. A gift packet containing information for planning, specific special needs, and prayer would be provided. The mentor would offer support to the mother throughout the pregnancy and in the new days at home providing meals, (most parishes will coordinate this service with a separate group of volunteers or parish meal ministry if available) and additional support and resources as needed.  The relationship building during this time of nurturing, care and love is the cornerstone of this ministry’s success throughout the world.

Administratively, a small council of volunteers would facilitate all aspects of organization, client management, and resource acquisition and development.  Fundraising for purchasing supplies would be the responsibility of the ministry. The Elizabeth Ministry has extensive resource material available for small chapter start -ups.  In addition, they have a library of resources for grief, special needs, adoption, and non-viable pregnancies to name a few. 

On-going calls for volunteers, ministry fair displays, coordinating with the religious education department and monthly meetings would ensure the growth and cohesiveness of this program.

As with any volunteer-based program, the success is only as good as the people who volunteer.  Our eclectic parish is perfect for this ministry. With the support and available resources from   Elizabeth Ministries, most challenges can be overcome. The success of this ministry will be measured by the level of compassion, comfort and care provided to women and families in need through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and prayer.  

Start Times and Contact information coming soon!